View Full Version : grid and tabpanel, double border problem

12 Nov 2010, 6:12 AM

my tabpanel includes a grid inside it. there are two borders at top.

how can i remove one of these borders?

i can do it using the style below, but this affects all tabpanels.. for example; tabpanel inside windows distorts.

.x-tab-panel-header {
border-bottom-width:0 !important;

12 Nov 2010, 6:32 AM
sorry i have just seen my mistake... it resolved.

12 Nov 2010, 6:36 AM
You probably have overnested your grid in a container panel. The grid can be the tab element directly, unless you have other things than a grid inside that tab. In that case, you can use hideBorders: true on the container panel to remove child borders. Also, you can always remove borders of a panel using border: false.

new Ext.TabPanel({
items: [
new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
title: 'My Grid'