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12 Nov 2010, 1:31 AM
Hello Folks,

Got an issue, and need your advices :)

I just started writing an editor grid. (I will actually use this grid as a search filter editor, i.e. columns with criteria name, operators and values).
Now, for the value field, I want to have different edit controls for different rows. For instance, when a criteria type is string I want to display a text box, when it's date time, I want a datetime editor.
So the fact is, I need to control the edit control creation/display just before editing starts. and it should be different among rows. Unlike the examples I found which are fixed for the columns.

In order to implement this, can you guys please suggest the steps I need to do? I can probably figure out it if one of you can direct me a way.

Thanks and best regards

15 Nov 2010, 1:40 AM
I got my solution, using beforeedit and afteredit event, I managed to do this.