View Full Version : IE - Ext.Panel removeAll() error -> 'parentNode' is null or not an object

11 Nov 2010, 9:31 AM

in internet explorer i receive this error when the panel.removeAll() function is called. In FF works fine, and i don't really get it why it is happening. Any ideas? I did a debug and the flow is the following:
- panel.removeAll() ;
'- remove(item, AutoDestroy) : for each item in panel

'- doRemove(c, autoDestroy)

'- l.onRemove(c) : where l is layout

'- el.insertAfter(ct)
....and in insertAfter breaks:

* Inserts this element after the passed element in the DOM
* @param {Mixed} el The element to insert after
* @return {Ext.Element} this
insertAfter: function(el){
(el = GETDOM(el)).parentNode.insertBefore(this.dom, el.nextSibling);
return this;

Thanks in advance!

20 Dec 2010, 4:51 AM
I forgot to reply the solution to this thread...the problem was that the dom was not anymore there. In my case the component was rendered to a div, and the div content was cleared before the call to removeAll()....FF though had no problem with this.