View Full Version : Cascading ComboBox filter issue

11 Nov 2010, 8:11 AM
This is my first post, so please be kind!

I'm working with ExtJS 3.2.x and I have two ComboBoxes, both backed by remote JSON stores. The loading works fine for both and the values show up fine in each.

The main combo drives the other via a call to the other's filter method on the select event as usual but the first selection process - the second combo does not filter even though its filter method is called. I can actually select something from the main combo several times and it still does not filter the second combo properly. Only when I click the trigger on the second combo, and then go back and make a selection in the main combo again does it filter.

I've done all the standard checking of my code, tried clearing the filter first and I also clear the value of the second combo and can't figure this out. I also checked to see that the onselect event is being fired properly the first time in the main combo in Firebug and it is.

I've done various searches on this issue and found some references to this, but most were for older versions of ExtJS and referenced the 'lastQuery' config property, which doesn't exist in 3.

Did I miss something simple here?

I should mention that it happens on all browsers, Chrome, FF & IE.

11 Nov 2010, 8:27 AM
Ok, I just added a line to set the 'lastQuery' property before the filter and that works.

Is this actually a config property as well? I was confused by that because most of the posts I had read about it in were using it as a config property, which isn't in the API doc. I'm also using ExtJS Designer and it's obviously not in the config properties list there either. Not that I could set it easily by hand anyway as it would be a bit of a mess with Designer overwriting those source files each time.

Not a big deal. At least it's working.