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11 Nov 2010, 5:33 AM

Im getting a firebug error on my ajax request. I have a grid setup with an autoload: true. Ive spend days trying to resolved this. Can someone please help. Im kinda new at extJS, So, Im not into the advanced principles yet

handleReadyState(o, callback);
o.conn.send(postData || null); <--- Receiving error here ...


My jsonstore definition is:

// create the data store
var gridStore = new Ext.data.JsonStore({
autoLoad: true,
url: 'EXTJS99R.PGM',
root: 'nanda',
fields: [
]}); Im receiving an error at line# 1956 in the ext-base-debug line. I believe that it related to my json data being received. But, Im not sure. The grid is being populated with the data but Im still getting the error and it's stopping further processing. Im trying to create a DD application, moving data from a grid to a form.

My data is thus:

nanda :[
{ nacust:"AAA001", naname:"AAAA WORLD IMPORT EXPORT", naadr1:"7800 NW 29TH STREET", naadr2:"", nacity:"MIAMI" , nastat:"FL" , nazip:"33122" },
{ nacust:"AAL001", naname:"AEROBRASIL AGENCIAMENTO E LOGI", naadr1:"LTDA RUA BELO HORIZONTE 93", naadr2:"CNPJ: 00951309/0001-67", nacity:"MANAUS-AM, BRAZIL" , nastat:"" , nazip:"" },
{ nacust:"AAP001", naname:"AMAPLAST AMAZONAS PLASTICOS LT", naadr1:"AV. IPEXUANA 1642-CACHOEIRINHA", naadr2:"T:92-3232-2002 ATTN. MR. SOUSA", nacity:"MANAUS-AM BRASIL" , nastat:"" , nazip:"69.065.060" },
{ nacust:"ABC123", naname:"ABC COMPANY", naadr1:"TEST DRIVE", naadr2:"", nacity:"MIAMI" , nastat:"FL" , nazip:"" },
{ nacust:"ABO001", naname:"ABOARD CARGO", naadr1:"8344 NW 30TH TERRACE", naadr2:"", nacity:"DORAL" , nastat:"FL" , nazip:"33122" },
{ nacust:"ACBI", naname:"A CUSTOMS BROKERAGE INC", naadr1:"ATT.FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ", naadr2:"5400 NW 84TH AVE", nacity:"DORAL" , nastat:"FL" , nazip:"33166" },
{ nacust:"ACC001", naname:"ACCURATE MARINE SERVICES", naadr1:"P.O. BOX 531168", naadr2:"", nacity:"MIAMI SHORES" , nastat:"FL" , nazip:"33153" },
{ nacust:"ACI001", naname:"ATC CARGO INC.", naadr1:"6316 N.W. 99TH. AVE.", naadr2:"", nacity:"DORAL" , nastat:"FL" , nazip:"33178" },
{ nacust:"ACRITI", naname:"EMPRESA DE JORNAIS CALDERARO L", naadr1:"", naadr2:"", nacity:"MANAUS" , nastat:"" , nazip:"" },
{ nacust:"ACS001", naname:"ACS", naadr1:"124 PROSPERITY DRIVE", naadr2:"", nacity:"GARDEN CITY" , nastat:"GA" , nazip:"31408" }
This code is written for an IBM System i(AS/400) so some code may be unfamiliar

11 Nov 2010, 6:28 AM
"an error"..


Are you making a request to a different domain from the one the page was served from?


11 Nov 2010, 6:42 AM

When I say error. Im the one causing the error, not extjs. It's something Im doing wrong.

The grid is being populated with the json data from the request, It's just stopping at that line#. That's why I think it's my data.

11 Nov 2010, 7:58 AM
How much does it cost to get some paid support? This is something that I REALLY have to resolve.

Ive have other extjs projects where Ive used ajax with no problem. This is the first time this has occurred.