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11 Nov 2010, 2:25 AM

I am new to ExtJs and this would be my First post..! I just downloaded EXTJS and able to see samples, very nice. Then I bought EXTJS designer license..! Now I have the below queries
1. The ExtJS is generating .Js file..! How it has to be deployed.. (Where to Start and End)
2. In Designer, how to Connect database ..? or XML or JSON datasource
3. if I would prefer to use JSON, what is the recommended backend PHP, Zend or Code Ignitor
3. How to do database manupulation, like Insert record, delete, validate and update, Batch process and etc.,

I had bought a Ext JS in Action (http://dw.manningpublications.com/dwebook/getebook?uid=4f8789ea-ae59-4e38-a3c5-d96241a54ac7) book..! and going stage by stage.
Appreciate help or suggestion from Experts where to start and where to go..?

Thanks in advance

Dhanaraj. D