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10 Nov 2010, 7:43 AM
Good afternoon everyone, I have a problem using Ext.ux.TabCloseMenu in a window. The menu appears behind the window. Any suggestions?

this.tabConteudoAjuda = new Ext.TabPanel({
region : 'center',
enableTabScroll: true,
activeTab : 0,
defaults : {closable: true},
items : [{
autoScroll: true,
title : 'Ajuda',
html : "<table width='420' border='0' class='titulo'>" +
"<tr>" +
"<td width='355' height='140' valign='middle'><h1>Ajuda e Suporte do SIAD</h1>" +
"<p>Para obter ajuda, navegue pelo menu lateral.</p>" +
"</td>" +
"<td width='150' align='right' valign='top'>" +
"<span style='height:300px'><img src='img/question.png' align='right'></span>" +
"</td>" +
"</tr>" +
"<tr height='175' valign='bottom'>" +
"<td>&nbsp;</td><td><span style='height:300px'>" +
"<img src='img/ieadc.png' width='139' height='45' align='right'>" +
"</span></td>" +
bodyStyle : 'padding:10px;',
iconCls : 'silk-question',
closable : false
plugins: new Ext.ux.TabCloseMenu({
closeTabText: 'Fechar aba',
closeOtherTabsText: 'Fechar as outras abas',
closeAllTabsText: 'Fechar todas as abas'


10 Nov 2010, 8:09 AM
The TabCloseMenu uses z-index 15000 by default and Window uses z-index 9000 by default, so this shouldn't be a problem, unless you changed the z-index somewhere.

10 Nov 2010, 1:18 PM
Hello Condor, believe it may be just that, as in another topic because you helped me, I increased the zSeed this window.

But how to solve this? I increase the zSeed Menu tab?