View Full Version : XML rendering problem in Flash componenet using Portal and Content Panel

10 Nov 2010, 7:06 AM

We have the flash component integrated with GXT. The flash component is attached in the portal component and the portal is attached to the Contenet Panel. When we pass the XML to the portal (flash swf) keeping the content panel collapsed then we get an javascript alert (undefiined). After that any new xml data which I pass to the swf embedded in the portal I do not see it getting rendered at all and the javascript "undefined" exception is thrown. However if I keep the Content Panel expanded then there is no exception we can see the swf component/portal getting rendered with the new xml data. Should I set any property in the ContentPanel so that the error "undefined" is gone and flash is get rendered with new xml data even if the ContentPanel collpased?

Any leads to this problem is much appreciated!