View Full Version : anaylyze code for memory leaks

8 Nov 2010, 11:35 AM
Our team has been building on top of extjs widgets for over 1 1/2 years, and have developed an "eclipse like" application. It runs with a cometd backend, so everyone who is on the same page will see any updates to the tool automatically. It appears that we have introduced some memory leaks, so that if the application runs for over an hour, a machine with very little memory starts to swap. What tools do you guys use to monitor Javascript memory leaks in Firefox?
I've tried a couple that don't seem to cut it. JavaScript Memory Validator makes me take FireFox back to 3.6.0, and then tries to run the application internally where I cannot interact with the browser.
Leak Monitor seems to locate leaks prematurely, and finds leaks even on the google search home page. It thinks most of extjs3.1 is leaking. Too many false positives make look for a needle in a haystack.
Can anyone point me to a good tool?