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7 Nov 2010, 12:09 PM
Ok, to make the story short:
We as a company have the task to build an IPad application for a certain big website, which is full of news content. It's a news site, it has several columns, some ads, etc.

Customer needs:
version 1.0:
- nonnative, "so easy transition to e.g. Android"
- horizontal and vertical slide of _many_ elements, sometimes whole page full of CSS3 styled content.. of course with enough

version 2.0:
- flash ads
- integration with subscription feature from main website (looking for cookies I guess and therefor "unlocking" features)

Now we discussed some frameworks, found PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium, etc., and smaller stuff like SproutTouch and JQTouch.. and of course sencha touch.

Questions for now would be:
1. Is it possible (with rel. few sencha touch API stuff) to create an "infinite carousel" for a certain column in the upper right corner, but no interactivity for the rest of the page? I assume so..

2. would sencha touch mean serious UI sliding performance penality vs. simple HTML5 site with some small js sliding code packaged as app in PhoneGap?

3. Are UI elements not included in the kitchen sink demo (lets say some modal window flowing around but half hiding transparent most of the time, sliding to the center when mouseover) easy to integrate via additional CSS/native javascript stuff, or is it "if you use Sencha Touch, you can only use what Sencha touch gives you, no other frameworks/native JS allowed"?

Thanks for any input, as we have to decide for a certain technology, any kind of uncertainness will drive us away from an "one-way road" approach.

7 Nov 2010, 1:06 PM
i'll give it a try..

1) infinite carousel. yes there are many posts about this
2) i see no real performance decrease when dealing with animations inside or outside of phonegap. although my phonegap experience is fairly limited.
3)mouseover in a mobile app? yes you can incorporate other JS libraries that will give you features that sencha touch may not. but them i belive you have to drop down the the DOM level for some things as you wont be able to access "elements" the same way you would in sencha touch.

I am sure that i may be a little off but this has been my experience, others (more involved with the inner-workings of the framework) would be able to get down to the details if you find yourself stuck with a specific question.

7 Nov 2010, 2:21 PM
Touch is built on a rich DOM manipulation library, you don't need to use another lib for that kind of thing. The underlying components all use these methods.

8 Nov 2010, 4:57 AM
Thanks for the replies!

Remaining uncertainness:
1) yes, infinite carousel is possible (I saw the kitchen sink demo), but actual question I wanted to ask: is it possible to use the infinite carousel for _just a part of the screen_, e.g. some div in the upper right corner. Did see some demos (e.g. TouchStyle), but all I saw so far used that carousel for the whole screen. I guess it's no problem, but a guaranteed "yes" would be great.
2) I didn't mean the PhoneGap performance hit, I assume there is almost none. I'm talking about sencha touch performance hit on infinite carousel for (worst case) whole screen of rich web content (let's say no animations on that, but lots of different styles etc., think big news site).
3) compared to the kitchen sink UI elements, how much more effort would it mean to use this "rich DOM manipulation library" to create own interactive UI windows? Are there some functions easing the "pain" (e.g. "create some window here, register these events, etc.", or ist it more of an "almost DOM" experience?
4) new one: tool support: any kind of editor aware of sencha touch library with some kind of auto complete support? And any kind of UI editor out there? Or is Xcode sencha touch aware through some mechanism?

Again, thanks for replies, we have to decide for one framework/library within this week, and the questions/concerns above were the one raised be the team. Thanks again for any answer to any question above, would like to convince the team to use this framework, as I really like what I did see so far, but they are worried about the extra work to learn the framework compared to "just take the website and add some stuff" appraoch.

8 Nov 2010, 6:27 AM
Sencha applications are layed out as Components managed by rule-based layouts.

And every Component in there may itself be a Container which manages child Components. So yes, any child Component anywhere in the app may be a Carousel.

In fact, see http://dev.sencha.com/deploy/touch/examples/carousel/

The top half is a horizontal carousel, the bottom half is a vertical carousel.

So it looks like the app's main Panel is

layout: {
type: 'vbox', // Child Components are layed out vertically
align: 'stretch' // Each child stretched to 100% width
items: [
horizCarousel, // This will be configured flex: 1
vertCarousel // This will be configured flex: 1