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2 Nov 2010, 2:40 AM
Dear Folks,
I have got a question about the ExtJS session.

I am using ExtJS ( in combination with ASP.net at Server Side) in a Page, and apparently for my DEMO purpose, I didn't use any authentication mechanism or any security stuffs in my application anywhere.

But I noticed the following :

1. I opened the page in my browser, then clicked couple of buttons and grid rows.
2. I went away, stopped working on my machine....for about 5-10 mins
3. I came back, and clicked any button on the page it fails when it tries to communicate with server.

What is the reason..? Can anybody please mention the reason?

Thanks in advance

2 Nov 2010, 3:10 AM
I assume your session has timed out.

Your sever is probably sending back either a redirect to the login page or a 401 HTTP error status.

You should always write 'exception' event handlers on stores and 'failure' callbacks on requests to catch these situations and show a login dialog (or redirect to the login page).