View Full Version : Scrolling problem at iPad platform

Alex Black
1 Nov 2010, 11:47 AM
Hi All!
First of all I want to express my admiration for your work - your library is the best with what I have worked in this area.
Unfortunately, I have a problem. The matter is that I'm trying to write my own Layout Manager and I have some missunderstandings:
let's say we have a container which has a fixed size and contains 3 items. Two of them are in the visible area and the last one in the non-visible area. Scrolling the contents of the container on a PC platform and the platform Android all is working fine. But on the platform iPad size of the content of the scroller is equal to the size of the container and there is no scrolling - only elastic behavior. The way, I found out that the sizes of the same, is just adding the logging in the scroller code. I managed to find in this place: Ext.util.Scroller:: updateBounds:
me.contentSize = {
width: me.scroller.dom.scrollWidth,
height: me.scroller.dom.scrollHeight
Dimensions which are returned (created) by browser iPad are wrong.
I would appreciate any ideas how to solve the issue.