View Full Version : Numbering on PagingToolbar

27 Oct 2010, 4:20 AM
this.paging = new Ext.PagingToolbar({
store: this.store,
pageSize: this.limitCombo.value,
displayInfo: false,
displayMsg: 'Displaying {0}-{1} of {2}',
items: !this.active ? ['->', this.limitCombo,'per page'] : []
this.bbar = this.paging;
// toolbar needs to be initialized for the filter reload to work properly.
this.filters.toolbar = this.paging;


When i click on firstpage, the value gets back there but the page number remains 37 only which should actually be 1.

Image attached...


27 Oct 2010, 6:00 AM
Your paging toolbar is fine.
Make sure your store's load has start and limt params like..

store.load({params: {start: 0, limit: pageSize}})

Also, your Reader should have the totalProperty set.