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25 Oct 2010, 12:22 AM
I have the following code configuration. The problem is, colModel contains too many columns and the code below stretches the entire window to accomodate displaying all of the columns. Can anyone help me with a configuration that will resize the panel and the child grid whenever the browser is resized? Also, a horizontal scrollbar appears appropriately whenever the panel cannot display all of the columns?

PS I use a panel because I experience trouble with the toolbars and bottom bar when I use Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel

PPS Another issue I find is that in the case when not all columns are displayed, the rightmost displayed column whose area is partially displayed has only this area as editable on start editing. The area of this column that wasn't initially displayed is disabled for editing.

var myEditorGrid = {
id : 'My Editor Grid',
xtype : 'editorgrid',
height : 500,
columns : colModel,
store : gridStore,
loadMask : {msg:"Loading..."},
stripeRows : true,
listeners : {
'cellContextMenu' : onCtxMenu

var panel = new Ext.Panel({
id : 'My Panel',
title : 'My Panel',
renderTo : 'myPanelDiv',
border : true,
bbar : pToolbar,
tbar: [
iconCls: 'icon1',
text: 'Do Something',
handler : onDoSomething
layout : 'anchor',
items : myEditorGrid

25 Oct 2010, 12:41 AM
Please don't double-post. Answered in other thread.