View Full Version : Set viewport size

22 Oct 2010, 1:52 AM
Hi all, i need to set Viewport widget size. Someone can tell me how ? I tryied to modify extjs/src/widgets/Viewport.js without success.

22 Oct 2010, 1:54 AM
There is no need to size it. The Viewport widget always is a big as the browser window and automatically resizes.

22 Oct 2010, 1:56 AM
yes but i need to resize this widget, is possible?

22 Oct 2010, 2:01 AM
No, this widget does not need to be resized and if you need to resize it you should not use a Viewport. What are you trying to do.

22 Oct 2010, 2:14 AM
I am using calendar app (in examples directory) with extjs 3.3beta. I need to put this calendar inside an application,and i need to resize this.

22 Oct 2010, 2:18 AM
This is the GXT forum. You are using ExtJS. I will move this to the correct forum, however using a viewport remains the wrong approach.

22 Oct 2010, 2:20 AM
If you are rendering this to a DIV within a web page which is sized by %age based CSS rules, then you need the FitToParent plugin.