View Full Version : Transparent split bar

18 Oct 2010, 12:14 PM

I'm trying to create a transparent split bar in a border layout. The separation between the two regions is already visualized by a border-right (which is needed because of some special visual design, our crazy designer created.. :">)
Because of the right frame can show any content (with any background-color), the split bar mustn't have any background color.

Setting the split bar to width: 0 makes it inaccessible, of course. Adding a padding: 5px *after* rendering (using firebug) gives me exactly the behavior, I'm looking for. But I can't set it in the CSS, because otherwise ExtJS would position the right frame 5px more in the right direction.

Can I somehow make ExtJS "ignore" the padding of the split-bar? Or do you have any other suggestion, how to deal with this?
I've attached a screenshot with the orange and blue squares added to show, which part belongs to which region.

Thanks for your help!