View Full Version : Embedding a select in a toolbar

28 Sep 2010, 2:33 PM
I'd like to change the foreground color for my select box so that it matches the normal toolbar color. I've tried a few options, changing baseClass, which gets me part of the way, but I can't seem to change the white to blue in the attached screen shot, here is the select:

items: [

xtype: 'select',
name: 'playlist',
options: [
{text: 'Add to playlist', value: ''},
{text: 'Bus', value: 'bus'},
{text: 'Work', value: 'work'}

baseCls: 'x-button x-button-normal',
dock: 'left'

And this does manage to change the background to a button looking thing, but I need to clear out the white text.

How do I things like that using Sencha and ExtJS ?