View Full Version : [OPEN-1292] Locales specific Ext.list prototypes

27 Sep 2010, 5:16 AM
:-? I was wondering why Ext.list.NumberColumn behaves different from Ext.grid.NumberColumn
concerning rendering of locale specific numbers (dates also; in this case german).

;) The solution is that the needed locale entries are not added to the src/locale/ files.

I think something like
Ext.apply(Ext.list.NumberColumn.prototype, {
format : '0.000,00/i'
Ext.apply(Ext.list.DateColumn.prototype, {
format : 'd.m.Y'
is missing for "ext-lang-de.js".

It's just a locale specific copy from Ext.grid.NumberColumn and Ext.grid.DateColumn.
Maybe these renderers can be merged together.

At the moment, NumberColumns inside Ext.list does not work as expected when including
the locale specific script file.

Best wishes,