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11 Dec 2006, 4:59 AM
I have installed ActivePerl and JSDoc. But when building my project i receive the following error message:

JS Builder
JSDoc was skipped because the path to JSDoc (C:\Programfiler\JSDoc-1.10.1\jsdoc.pl) is invalid or perl.exe was not found.
You can change the path by selecting Build->Options and entering a new path.

Perl is installed under c:\Perl.

Any settings I need to change before using JSDoc?

11 Dec 2006, 8:36 AM
Under "Build > Options..." set the path to JSDoc as needed. To check that the perl path is correct, try running JSDoc manually and make sure that it can find perl from where it's installed. You may need to add the perl installation folder to your system path if JSDoc cannot find it.

22 Jan 2007, 7:21 PM
Installing and configuring JSDoc was big pain for me. But the biggest pain was the continuous writing in the console. :cry:

That is why I developed JSDocumenter- a free GUI for JSDoc.

Yu can test it here: http://remiya.com/cms/index.php?uid=12. Unfortunately it is for Windows only.

Hope that helps. :D

22 Jan 2007, 8:06 PM
But the biggest pain was the continuous writing in the console. :cry:
Not sure I understand that comment. Using JS Builder, if you install JSDoc and Perl, then all JS doc generation is done for you seamlessly and silently. Granted, installing them is sort of a pain, but it's a one-time setup and then you're done. Using JSBuilder, you can also integrate your doc output and your JS minification into a single build process that can also be automated via Ant using the JSB console utility.

I didn't fully understand from your site whether or not your utility provides a GUI for actually authoring JS Doc style comments, which might be somewhat useful, but I assume that most people here already use an IDE of some sort to do their javascript, and have no need for a separate IDE just for docs. And JSDoc style comments aren't that hard to write manually... :)

So... thanks for the link, but can you please further explain what value your utility would provide over simply using JS Builder + JS Doc? Maybe I'm missing something.

22 Jan 2007, 8:52 PM
Hey, no need to get crazy on me. :) In all the cases thank you for that. Because it is the argument that leads us through the paths of the truth.

I learnt about JSBuilder just 2 hours ago. ;)

However I tested it and it seems JSBuilder is like another GUI for JSDoc with the ability to do some JS compression, which is great.

You ask me what is good about JSDocumenter. The good about JSDocumenter is that it comes with JSDoc and Active Perl pre-installed, and with an uninstaller included (unlike JSBuilder :P )

However I am not going to argue, because I have come to one conclusion. The more tools a developer has, the more productive he is. That is why I am grateful about the YUI-EXT and JSBuilder.

22 Jan 2007, 10:22 PM
I don't think I went "crazy" on you... :) Just honestly asking what benefits you were offering beyond pre-bundled JS Doc/Perl installation. Sounds like if JS Doc is all that someone needs, then your tool might be a good choice. If they need to also build their javascript files and/or automate the build process (or use Jack's pre-made .jsb project files to easily build Ext with), then they might do better to use JSB.

We've actually considered bundling JSDoc and Perl in the installer also -- the main reason we have not is because of size, and because many people might only want to build their js and don't care about outputting docs. For those people it would be a waste. We may at some point beef up the installer so that those pieces can be included conditionally (it's currently using a basic .NET setup project, which is not very flexible), but there hasn't been any demand to add it, so there's no point spending time on it unless it's needed by our audience.

By the way (as an aside to current or prospective JSB users), there are more features planned to make JSB even better in terms of file/project management. Also, I keep bugging Jack about getting him to release his newest doc template and parser, but he hasn't had time to clean it up yet. Once that happens, then hopefully we'll all get nice pretty docs Ext-style :) It should also support the same extended doc syntax elements that have made his docs so nice to work with.