View Full Version : How do you add a tooltip to a gridfilter textfield input menu?

24 Sep 2010, 2:03 AM
I have a grid panel with grid filters. I want to add a tooltip on (or close to) the textfield on the filter itself, and I'm not finding the correct incantation.

I found that the individual filter definitions of a GridFilter's config object are also passed as config objects to the TextFields on that menu, so I tried adding in a tpl parameter to the that config to override the format and added an ext:qtip attribute. It didn't have any effect. Do Ext.form.TextField objects ignore tpl config parameters?

I've tried to create and compile an Ext.Template after the fact and overwrite the div element.

I've tried to register a QuickTips on the component.

Ideally, I would add a little help icon next to the textfield and put the tooltip on that.

I've tried a number of things with no success.

I have a mocked up example of the problem at


The first grid is functional. The second grid is a screen shot showing where I'm trying to place the tooltip.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.