View Full Version : [Solved] int columns in an editor grid

23 Sep 2010, 1:00 PM
So, now that stores convert nulls to zeros for integer fields, how does one assign zero to a null-ed field via an editor grid?

1. Fields typed with 'int' convert nulls to zeros.
2. Store is tied to an editor grid
3. editor is tied to an Ext.form.NumberField for this column
4. Nulls come back from store.load for this field.
5. 0 is displayed in the editor gird
6. User enters edit mode on this field, selects the zero, replaces it with zero, closes editor.
7. afterEdit _does not fire_.

Am I the only one who actually uses Ext's Editor Grid Panels?

edit: Screw it, I'll come up with a type to hold numeric data...Ext.ux.Integer....