View Full Version : Problem with threeLoader and json

21 Sep 2010, 10:25 AM
Personally, i am with a problem to loader my object json with the ext:tre.treeLoader.
My code is as follows:

<ext:viewport id="wholeView" layout="border" >
<ext:tree.treePanel id="panelAtributo" layout="fit" region="center" border="true" >
<ext:tree.treeLoader dataUrl="conteudodigital.action" />

But it appears white in page.
I want to get only the valor field.
My object JSON print as:

{"linhas":[{"codigoCVS":"101070","grupoAtributo":1,"idAtributo":1,"paiAtributo":0,"status":1,"valor":"DATAS COMEMORATIVAS"},{"codigoCVS":"101071","grupoAtributo":1,"idAtributo":2,"paiAtributo":0,"status":1,"valor":"DISCIPLINA"}]}

Could someone help me?