View Full Version : Help with Ext.grid.Column.css config property

Keith Chadwick
19 Sep 2010, 10:33 AM
I am trying to make use of the Ext.grid.Column.css property when adding a new columnConfig to my grid. I am unable to get a simple css style applied to the each cell in the column as the the documentation describes. I have tried an object of {backgroundColor:'red'} or a simple string of 'background-color:red' as well as a class name in the hopes that that would do the trick but no luck. I do not wish to use a renderer as the grid implementation is fairly complex already and all I need to do is visually indicate with a background color cells/columns that are not editable. Anyone run into this issue or have a solution?


Keith Chadwick
19 Sep 2010, 10:45 AM
Funny how you find the solution 2 minutes after writing a post. Apparently you must terminate your css string with a semi-colon. For example css:'background-color:red;'. This would indicate to me that extJS is prepending on the css string to the element.style.cssText as a preceding only semi-colon does NOT work. Although not a bug one would think that this would be checked for before prepending the css text.