View Full Version : fileupload and EditorGridPanel

16 Sep 2010, 12:07 PM
I have a form for uploading files. The form has fields: name ( xtype: 'textfield'), description ( xtype: 'textarea') and upload (xtype: 'fileuploadfield'). The script on the server, which processes the form data stores information about the name, description, and the file path in the database. The file is saved in the file system.
Next step:
I have a table (EditorGridPanel), the table displays the data from the database: name, description, link to the file.
And now I do not know how to implement the editing of these data. For example, if I need it for a set of (name, description, file) to change the file? Upload another file? How do I make this better? Use the editor:{xtype: 'fileupload'}? is a good idea? I do not think so. Help me please