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15 Sep 2010, 6:00 AM

how can i call a url outside domain when i submit a form?
simple a i have a list and i want to make a form to get parameters to send to a back_end
and then i want to reload list with an update

list of 10 items
form -> some params
call to back_end with this params
list of 7 items

if i do

var searchPanel = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
scroll: 'vertical',
url: 'mybackend.json',
standardSubmit : false,

on submit, chrome say
'XMLHttpRequest cannot load mybackend.json. Origin http://site.test is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.'

thank you


16 Sep 2010, 7:47 AM
Hey !
I am trying to get information about htis from developper but they seem to like to stay quiet about this.
I will recommand you to read the long thread I wrote by myself :)


I should change the title :) but it is all about your issue !