View Full Version : i am not able to get extjs alert message in ie7 but i am getting alert in IE8

13 Sep 2010, 6:02 PM
I am using EXT JS as my GUI in my web application, i am getting one annoying error when i try to add a user in my application it is getting inserted in DB but in front end "Progress Bar" is continuing. This is happening in IE 6 & 7 but in IE 8 it is working fine.

Please help me out.

Thanks in Advance.

13 Sep 2010, 9:31 PM
In order to get help, you'll need to post some code (in CODE tags).

13 Sep 2010, 10:08 PM
Tried running it on ay good browsers?

Like Firefox with Firebug?

Because then, you might get an error message which might give you a clue.

I suspect a trailing comma.

13 Sep 2010, 10:10 PM
I suspect a trailing comma.

Doubt it, IE8 doesn't swallow extra commas very well.