View Full Version : What is the best paged grid solution (since Livegrid is broken)?

10 Sep 2010, 12:47 PM
My app is now ready for a paged grid. The famous Ext.ux.Livegrid GUI -- a scrollbar with dynamic paging, which does not require the user to do any manual paging -- is exactly what I want.

I tried to swap out my GridPanel with the Livegrid, but Livegrid is broken and unmaintained. I posted about it here:


There was a post a couple of years ago asking the Livegrid page-using-scrollbar functionality to be added into the GridPanel core. But it has not been done.

So, what do people use for paging large tables? Do you use the paging examples included with ExtJS, like the slider pager or progress bar pager? Is there anything better out there?

Should I bite the bullet and spend several more hours getting Livegrid to work with ExtJS 3.3?

10 Sep 2010, 1:32 PM
I found a couple of ExtJS examples that are of interest for live data scrolling:



Unfortunately, neither of these examples work out-of-the-box. They use global variables, hard-coded page sizes, and one of them only works paging downward.

But it seems like one of these examples, which both use a 'bodyscroll' listener, could be expanded into an easy-to-use Ext.ux subclass.

More specifically, these examples are only a few dozen lines of code each, whereas the old Livegrid is over 3K lines. Expanding one of these examples seems like it would be much easier than fixing Livegrid.

10 Sep 2010, 11:26 PM
Can't you just wait for an update of LiveGrid for Ext 3.3 (it's not even final yet)?

The only problem is that GridView has changed slightly in Ext 3.3 and LiveGrid will need to be modified to accommodate for this. You could even try doing this yourself.