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9 Sep 2010, 8:28 PM
I have a combobox as an editor in my EditorGridPanel. which brings in a huge set of data, i really mean huge.
I am using the remote mode and the minchars config (minchars:3) to get a part of data at a time.
Now there are two problems i am facing:
1. My client needs the data to be fetched more quickly as it is being used by the Data Entry Operators who are really fast with the keyboard, and can't waste their time waiting for the combo to be loaded.
2. I cannot load the whole data set in the store on onReady as it will slow down the process more, now when the user clicks on one of the combos to edit, it shows the id in place of the displayField in the edit mode. No data in the store so i think the renderer is not functioning properly.

Can anyone please help?? Looking forward to the reply of jgarcia animal or condor. thank's guys you all have been of great help to me not directly but through your posts.

9 Sep 2010, 10:59 PM
1. You could add a pageSize to your combobox and add paging support to your server. That way the combobox never loads a big dataset.

2. Add an extra field to your grid store to hold the combobox text (and have your server also return this on load). Update the renderer of the column to display the text instead of the value. In the afteredit event of the grid update the text field with the value from the combobox.