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7 Sep 2010, 9:07 AM
I have 2 grids, one in the center region and another in the east region of a viewport. Now, on click of a row in the center grid panel, the east region panels grid reloads to reflect selected rows details. Im using a grid in a tabpanels tab for this. In certain cases, Im using another tab in the east region to display an applet. The applet only seems to load, when I call


which is fine. The problem is as follows:

I click on a row in the grid, an AJAX request is sent, and before the request is sent I use the search box present above the grid to type in another query before the previous response is recieved.. and before the java applet is loaded on the east region panel. Now, the center panel grid goes into an infinite loop and continuously sends out AJAX requests. I have tried the following:

> Masking the whole screen when an AJAX request is sent: Doesnt work in my case because the focus is still on the search boxs trigger field.

> Not activating the applet in the tab panel. SURPRISINGLY THIS SEEMS TO GET RID OF THE PROBLEM. But this is a required feature. What perplexes me is how a JAVA applet can cause this sort of behavior in a javascript page which apparently have no dependencies!!

> IEs call stack shows the trigger click event of the search box firing again and again. Other calls listed are "anonymous" functions.

Can someone help me here?

7 Sep 2010, 8:35 PM