View Full Version : Window layout call act differently on manual window resize

7 Sep 2010, 7:12 AM
Hi, I have a Window that, on "show" event, fills the window with a custom Panel rendering various html elements.
After filling the html tree, the panel calls a doLayout on the container (the window).
It also registers to the "resize" event, so that some code will resize all my html elements as needed.

It usually layouts correctly, but sometimes sizes are slightly wrong (I can see it from the main div acting as a scroller, where somtimes the right scrollbar has the lower arrow button not visible, because the div is slightly higher than its viewable area).
I would think there is something worng in my "resize" code, but actually I don't think it's called after the on show (when I doLayout).
Infact, when I see the wrong sizes, if I just resize manually the window, I get back to the correct view.

Is there anyway to force a resize after the "show" event, as if the user resized the window (but actually
with the same dimension of the window)?