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4 Sep 2010, 8:38 PM
Hi All,

I'm an old programmer, getting back on the horse after 10 years.

I want to create something very simple! I want to make an iPhone/iPad app very similar to the New York Times app. Yes, that simple. It's just a bottom tabpanel with 5 separate function/screens.

I've been all over the site, and watched videos, checked templates, read the forums...I can't seem to find a starter file for anything like that.

Sadly, the tabpanel seems to be magic -- From the Senca Touch kitchensink demo I see you have to dock the tabpanel to the bottom for the translucent look? If that's so, I see nothing in Ext that really shows me how to drag a panel, and make 5 pages link to it. (There is no step by step for that. I've been in the PDF and the Video too!)

I KNOW it's not a waste of your time to answer this. How many noobs are trying to write a basic iphone app? A zillion.

And this is so basic. And so hard without documentation.


4 Sep 2010, 10:48 PM
it would indeed be hard without documentation.

That's why there is documentation.

4 Sep 2010, 11:02 PM
var tabs = new Ext.TabPanel({
renderTo: document.body,
activeTab: 0,
tabPosition: 'bottom', // << magic property for bottom tabs !
defaults:{autoScroll: true},
title: 'Normal Tab',
html: "My content was added during construction."
title: 'Ajax Tab 1',
title: 'Ajax Tab 2',
autoLoad: {url: 'ajax2.htm', params: 'foo=bar&wtf=1'}
title: 'Disabled Tab',
html: "Can't see me cause I'm disabled"

ps: code extracted from tabs example and add only : tabPosition: 'bottom'

4 Sep 2010, 11:22 PM
You're the man, Animal.

But let's look at this honestly. There is no documentation for how to do this _with_the_designer! ALL the help on the forums seems to involve actual code. But the designer is promoted as a user-friendly combination prototyper & codegen tool!

And yet there are virtually no details on how to walk up to it and create something with the designer something, unless it happens to be a car page.

Thanks to people like you, I can brute force my way into some code, and believe me I'm thankful for the leg up!

Sadly, I bet this procludes me working with ext-designer to bump and goose your code?

Thanks again.


5 Sep 2010, 1:06 PM
Thanks Animal and everyone who read.

Here's some helpful words from an Ext Designer noob who bought into the idea that it could prototype and give me a leg up developing code for apple apps.

No, I'm not angry, and I'm not going to flame anyone or anything. To the contrary. Great products, great resources, great potential!

However....What's missing from Ext Designer is simple!

It just needs templates for the sencha applets for sencha touch that are found here!


That would give a noob, who has a app look/functionality in mind, something FUNCTIONAL to start PROTOTYPING with.
As fun as a car site demo is, let along putting it together in 5 minutes, it doesn't meet the needs of someone who wants a leg up on the javascript horse. The touch applets are small in scope, and very easy to learn from. -Dave