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3 Sep 2010, 2:13 AM
I want to develop an order form where the number of products could be 1 to infinity. Iím thinking of some sort of row based form where the user could add a row at a time for each product. I also have the requirement that there has to be a lookup for the product in the database for each row.

I was thinking that maybe I could create a function with a form panel template for a row and append it to the last row displayed. Iím not entirely sure how to achieve this or if this is even the best way to go about it. Maybe some sort of grid panel would be better with an option to add a row, is this possible?

Probably a combobox would be the best lookup tool for the product.

Thanks all

3 Sep 2010, 2:46 AM
It's up to you.

You can simply add or remove a container (Panel, Fieldset etc.) with fields to/from a form, but a grid has extras like sorting and resizing.