View Full Version : 'uncheck' event for disjunct radiobuttons (grouped through name-attribute)

9 Aug 2007, 4:07 AM
Hi there,

I have a problem concerning grouped radio buttons:

I want to show()/hide() an Element, when a Radio-Button is checked/unchecked.
To achieve this effect I put a handler on the 'check'-Event. This works well when the Radio is checked for the first time. But when I check another Radio in its group, I want to hide the Element again and nothing happens.

What I am supposing is, that a Radio-Button is not "unchecked" by default, when another Radio in his group gets checked. I see the Button getting unchecked in the Browser, but why doesnt it get unchecked in the internal representation?

Is there any plan about implementing this ability for the future?

Why isnt the functionality of Radio-Buttons similar to Ext.menu.CheckItem?