View Full Version : How to update a particular record in store?

25 Aug 2010, 1:04 AM

Is it possible to update a particular record in the store ?

I have a store defined as 'storeGrid' which is being loaded to an editor grid panel , 'testGrid'. I have a check box in each row of the grid. On selecting the check box,a request call is done to the server which updates the values in the row with some other internal data to the DB.

On success of the request call, i want to update that row of the grid/store with updated values from the DB.

Request call code on mouse down event of check box

function updateDetails(record){

url: '../home/updateDetails.htm',
method: 'POST',
params: {

success: function(result, request){
alert('success from update');
var jsonData = Ext.util.JSON.decode(result.responseText);
var msg = jsonData.data.msg;
failure: function(form, action){

} ,
scope: this,


msg obtained for the jsonData has to be updated to the particular row in the store..

Can any one help me on this?