View Full Version : [RESOLVED] Please fix JsonStore so it can C_UD through web services

16 Aug 2010, 11:33 AM
The JsonStore is unable to Create, Update or Destroy records in web service datasets. No examples provided anywhere, including the PHP example "write.js" actually work. PHP examples other than JsonStores or JsonWriter work so I know it is JsonStore and JsonWriter and not PHP or failing to run the web services through an actual web server.

It will successfully Read remote data and it will C_UD if the data is hardcoded as data in a js file.

Please remember I am referring to web service datasets, such as a web server that sends and receives Json.

I debugged using Firebug before I posted it as a bug.

I am running the writer.html from IIS 7 and Apache. No dice.

Both the writer.html example and my own code generate the same error.

I am submitting the create manually by use of the store.save() method.

The error occurs in the JsonStore and not the JsonWriter.

I have debugged the callback but it is never reached. Only the exception is reached, so the exception code must be cancelling the event bubble for the callback.

I mention the following because they have been suggested as solutions, so I tried them and they didn't work:
I have tried sending the ID field empty and with a value.
I have tried using "id" and "ID" and "Id" and "iD" as the name of the field.
I have tried it with and without using the idProperty=(tried all the above case spellings).
I have tried it with and without a declared JsonReader and JsonWriter (all four combinations).


{"priorities":{"ID":0,"Priority":7,"Ticket":"99999999","IncidentDes":"Incident Description"}}


200 OK


{success: true,message: "Insert successful","priorities":
[{"ID":99,"Priority":7,"Ticket":"99999999","IncidentDes":"Incident Description"}]}


communication error