View Full Version : [OPEN-223] Multi-touch Drag & Drop on iPad

11 Aug 2010, 2:15 PM
I have taken the DragDrop example from the release and made three valid and invalid draggables (instead of one of each). If I drag just one at a time everything is fine on desktop and iPad. However if I drag two or three at a time on an iPad the behaviour is very erratic. The draggables follow my fingers around fine but the trouble starts when a multi-drop happens. Once in a while I get the desired result that all the draggables drop successfully. However most of the time at least one fails to drop successfully and the console.log seems to suggest that the draggables are getting muddled. For example, instead of reporting drop1, drop2, drop3 I might get drop1,drop1,drop2. The attachments are the two files that I modified from the original dragdrop example.

So finally the question is: Am I asking too much of the drag&drop routines, is there a bug or have I made a gaff somewhere?

Jamie Avins
12 Aug 2010, 9:14 AM
Thank you for the report.