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8 Aug 2010, 4:27 AM
on iphone ---- i press the video link and the video has the crossed out QT icon (meaning it wont play on iPhone) but it plays in browser

i can play video from many other sites on this iPhone

10 Aug 2010, 5:49 AM
why is it not working?

10 Aug 2010, 5:50 AM
We need to update the code to correctly feature detect video on the iPhone. Currently it reverts to QT for all iPhones, where as iOS4 will actually support video.

It will be in the next release.

10 Aug 2010, 6:48 AM
so iOS4 supports qt but ios3 did not? .

10 Aug 2010, 7:01 AM
No, I'm referring to the native video tag.

11 Aug 2010, 7:52 AM
this is not clear.

you are saying in the k-sink app you just have not gotten around to using <video> tag or that ST itself doesn't currently support video tag or ----------------- ????

my primary concern with getting into developing apps with ST is video so its a big deal.

I am at a crossroads for some video centric sites/apps deciding whether to go with

SSP Mobile (flash with js fallback - supports iOS, android and web)

or ST (HTML5 with Flash Fallback - if it works that is since video is is not documented to my knowledge then i really don't know what it proposes to currently or eventually do)

or both...(integrated or stand alone)

11 Aug 2010, 8:09 AM
He is saying that Sencha Touch reverts back to QT however they are working to add feature detection so that if the browser supports <video> then it will use it. Expect the next release to have it.