View Full Version : [not solved]Few beginner questions: MySQL, socket, licences, icons

7 Aug 2010, 4:22 PM
Hello everyone,
I'm very new to sencha touch and the other languages linked to it (even HTML5 is new for me)...
But I'm currently developping an Adobe Flex application using PHP and MySQL.

I'm happy with it when working on a computer but it's true that on a smartphone like the ones using Android, it is slow and the resolution is not perfect. I don't even talk about iPhones as there is no support for Flash...

After this small intro here are my questions:

How do I communicate with MySQL? If it is possible, is there a way to update the content displayed in a list without reloading an entire table if only one element of the table has changed?
If I want to sell my application as the GUI interface of my product (so, it will never be sold alone), will I ever need to buy a licence if I'm using Sencha Touch?
Is it possible to make socket connections with Sencha Touch?
I tried to make a very small application and needed to add home made icons to the default set of icons... I couldn't do it and could not find a tutorial about this... is it possible?
EDIT: I found how: in my css file, I added this:
.x-tabbar.x-docked-bottom .x-tab img.my-icon-name{-webkit-mask-box-image:url('');} where my-icon-name is my iconCls and the base64 string was generated using this website: http://websemantics.co.uk/online_tools/image_to_data_uri_convertor/

Thanks a lot for you help and sorry for being such a noob ;)

7 Aug 2010, 5:04 PM
You will need to do a lot of reading for your answers, and some of them relate to general web technologies, not just Sencha.

RE: licensing... send the licensing team an email asking what you need to know. They are quite helpful.

RE: Icons: I would check into the icon example, see how they are called, and then check into the css file to see how they are stored. You can either mimic the way they have theirs set up in your applications css file, using your own icon names, or just use png graphics... You may find more answers here: http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?87353-How-to-replace-icons-for-different-leaf-nodes-in-tree-panel&highlight=replace+default+icons

8 Aug 2010, 8:35 PM
1) You can either use a low level Ajax request, or you can use a store. There are examples of both in the download.
2) Send an email to [email protected]
3) http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1253683/websocket-for-html5 -> It's a feature of the browser