View Full Version : Ext-3.2.1 Menu list RTL

4 Aug 2010, 6:46 AM
I am using the Ext Menu list component and i have a little bug in IE6,7,8.
Bug Details:
When i hover the menu with my mouse the next line icon and text are moving 1-2 pixels to the right.
The funny part is that after i hover all the items in the menu one time it will not happen again.
I add a picture that can explain the bug.
As you can see the red line item is 1-2 pixels far away from the upper 2 items.
When i will hover the item with the red line, The next item will move 1-2 pixels to, And so so...
As i say, After i hover all the items they will stay until the next page refresh.
I try to play a lot with the CSS and i did not success to fix it.

By the way, I am using the next ExtJs RTL file:

If someone have an idea on how to fix it i will be very grateful.