View Full Version : Scope in an iframepanel

27 Jul 2010, 2:13 AM
Well, here is my issue:
I start with using Saki's example "Components communication". Instead of a tabpanel, I have an iframepanel (it seems the easier to use).
In this panel, I load a graphic with a special viewer (isoview by PTC); in fact I load an html file (there is a special syntaxe that allows to include the viewer with javascript).
So now, I want when I click on the links in the linkspanel to highlight a special part of the graphic (isoview support hotspots).
When the links and graphic are in the same html file, the graphic is defined like this:

<span id='idview'><span id='isographic'><span class="viewpath">Folder/graphic.iso</span></span><script>iview_Insert('idview','hieght','width','','');</script></<span>And a link that highlights an object of the graphic:

<a href="#isographic" onclick="iview_Link('isographic','obj{id(objectid,newHightlight)}');">So, my questions are:
How can I interact with the graphic in the iframepanel source? How can I call the iview_Link function on the graphic scope?

Thanks for helping me :)