View Full Version : Icons in Tabbar and Toolbar - interchangable?

26 Jul 2010, 10:18 AM

I used the search but I could not find an answer to my question. I started to familiarize myself with sencha touch and I created a toolbar and tabbar with the sample icons.

I noticed, that I am not able to use icons from the toolbar in the tabbar and vice versa. There are just a few icons that can be used in both.
I found out, that is because in the css file where the gif base 64 data is defined, there is just the icons there, that can be seen in the demo page from the kitchensink aplication. Like 10 icons for the tabbar.
But, I tried to mimic the "home" icon definition for the tabbar and it works. It looks quite nice. So, my question is, why don't you add all "toolbar icon definitions" in a way, that they can be used in the tabbar, as well?