View Full Version : Where to place 'loading' graphic information as in Kiva for normal carousel app?

24 Jul 2010, 12:11 PM
In the Kiva example there is a loading screen which appears while it is reading the ajax data thingie.

My application has a significant delay while it is reading graphics and other information that gets used on a series of carousel cards. This delay is also quite noticeable when it is reading graphics from a web app that as been saved as a bookmark.

I have changed my loading screen so it is a bit more informative (tells how to navigate) but I would like to have a loading screen that shows there is something actually happening with the program instead of just freezing.

There is also a delay when the first page (the 'cover' of the web app) is displayed and when you can actually use the actions of the carousel.

Is there a way to incorporate a graphic similar to Kivas for when the phone/tablet startup graphics are displayed, as well as during the period before one can actually start using the touch functions?

I've tried incorporating the Kiva calls, but I don't know where to place them in my own carousel-oriented file.

Thanks for any help people can give me on this.

25 Jul 2010, 4:09 PM