View Full Version : Disable tabs

23 Jul 2010, 2:14 AM
I have a tabbed form with multiple tabs, most of them disabled. I use deferredRender: true, but I see with firebug the components in disabled fields are created, comboboxes load their stores, etc., but when I submit the form the fields in the disabled and not visited tabs are not submitted. Perfect, this is what I want!

But now, I have the problem with the required fields. If I have required fields (allowBlank: false) in disabled tabs, when I submit the form and I test if it is valid, I get some invalid fields.

Animal suggested me the Container.findBy method to disable all child items in the disabled tabs, but my problem is I have a dynamic form where I have some visible/enabled fields and many hidden/disabled fields that are enabled depend on the content of other fields... So if I disable all items in the tab, I will have the problem to get the initial state of the tab when I enable it!

So, is there any way to use/load/render the tabs I desire only when I really want to edit the data inside the panel?