View Full Version : Combobox trigger

21 Jul 2010, 4:26 PM
How do I programmatically trigger the trigger action on a combobox? The box is connected to a remote store and takes a while to load. Id' like to show the user that the box is working on fetching the data, while its still fetching the data.

I am kind of getting the behavior by doing this:

'render': function() {

Problem is that loadingText, which would otherwise give the user a cue about the loading status, does not show up when I do the above. The store takes a while to load and then shows up with the list once its loaded (and the user has no clue whatsoever until the list shows up)

Id' like to mimic the exact same behavior (as in clicking of the trigger and displaying loading status), programmatically.

I'm sure its trivial but I am not getting it at this point...

Would appreciate help...