View Full Version : Grid Filter plugin and pagination.

19 Jul 2010, 1:24 AM
I have a problem about the filter and the pagination.

for example, i want to take all the id <75 and > 100 with 50 rows display and with 200 total rows.
The first page display 50 rows.
The second page display 25 rows.
The third page display 0 rows.
The page four display 50 rows.

it's possible to make a call to the server and have only the data with filter and not empty page ?
Or take all the data in the first call but use the pagination and filter with this data and refresh the pagination tool bar ?

19 Jul 2010, 1:36 AM
Are you using remote paging? In that case you will also have to use remote filtering (local:false).

If you are using local paging then I recommend using the latest PagingStore (with fixes for PagingToolbar).