View Full Version : problem with validate data

13 Jul 2010, 2:55 AM
var editor = new Ext.ux.grid.RowEditor({
floating: true,
shadow: false,
monitorValid: true,
focusDelay: 250,
errorSummary: false,
saveText: 'Save',
cancelText: 'Cancel',
commitChangesText: 'You need to commit or cancel your changes',
errorText: 'Errors',
defaults: {
normalWidth: true
listeners: {
fn: function(roweditor, changes, record, rowIndex) {

if (record.get('OwnerGroupName') == "user") {
Ext.Msg.alert('Error', 'This OwnerGroupName is invalid');
// editor.startEditing(rowIndex, true); <-------------------error
return false;

I have problem with validate data if data have allready in database it will return false and row editing is on