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8 Jul 2010, 4:28 PM
Good morning Sencha Touch Developers.

I have spent a couple of hours putting together my first Sencha Touch code to access the Australian RASP - gliding forecast data. The interface for accessing the data on iPhone et al normally is not very efficient. Sencha has given me the ability to provide a fairly fluid interface on iPad and iPhone, using a custom version of the Kitchen Sink Ext.ux.UniversalUI.


The code is not up on source control yet (although you can of course access it from the site) but will be up on git hub soon. It will be released GPL to match Sencha.

Known issues: Selecting location & day is not complete; selection of time is not updating image.

My ideal for the display of the graphic would be the following:

Auto zoom image to size of canvas available to image (e.g. whole screen on iPhone, right side of split screen in iPad etc).
Pinch zooming - combined with carousel would make it very similar to Photo Gallery on iPhone/iPad.
Carousel left/right to change time (data is available for each hour).
Carousel up/down to change selected image type (should also update the menu on the left of the split).
Play / Animate hourly data (set min/max, rate and click play to see the images animated - images should be preloaded before animation starts to allow smooth display).

The carousel as it stands loads Panels, and I don't want to load their content until visible. This combined with the ability to use up/down means that I may need to write a custom carousel component. To that end I started SingleCarousel - which only has a single panel, but fires events only - to allow other mechanisms to change the content.

Scott Penrose - http://scott.dd.com.au/