View Full Version : xml/object editor, using ColumnTree + Editor - question on how to approach

8 Jul 2010, 10:34 AM
Hello Everybody,

i am using ExtJS since 2.2 in some projects, but would still call me a noob. I can use and combine components, but writing my own ones did always fail so far ;)

Now, what i need is some kind of an object- and xml-editor.
Basically an editor, that lets me edit an JavaScript-Object. And the editor is given a set of rules, defining which node may have which attributes, with which values, and certrain sub-nodes of a certain type.

So i might create HTML with it. And it takes care of that I (User) sets valid values and childs.
But i also might edit Instances of JavaScript-Classes that only have certain attributes of certain types. So i couldnt edit or create the property 'gender' for the Object of type 'User', if it doesnt exist in the Classes-Definition.
Though, when not having any rules at all, i can created objects with sub-objects of any type and length.

So, i guess you understand what i want to create. And my question, finally, is:
What would you guess is the best approach for that? using which existing components or extensions?

I ask, because i found several posts and examples (from 2.0 to 3.0) and i am wondering which is the most "solid" base for doing that.

this is fine, but i think i dont need more than one column, as a collapsed leaf shows me [Object] or [Array] as value, and when having it opened, there remains only one value for each property. and i am not sure if this might handle sub-nodes.

this is cool, has sub-nodes, is sortable .. but isnt this to far away from the Ext-Basics?

(from http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?20793-Editable-Column-Tree-example&highlight=tree+object+editor)
This mainly is what i want, though from Ext 2.2

anyways, if you have tips or even more up to date examples, please tell me
i would appreciate that very much,
thank you