View Full Version : Blank page in IE - then renders after hitting the escape key

7 Jul 2010, 7:05 AM
Good morning,

I have a very strange bug that is proving difficult to track down.

We have a page that "sometimes" renders as a blank page in Internet Explorer only. This problem is not happening in the other browsers (FF, Opera, Chrome etc).

When I was taking a look at the issue I noticed that the browser looked like it was still waiting for a response from the server cause in the bottom status bar it looks as if the request is not complete. Just as an experiment I hit the "escape" key and presto the page rendered.

I did a bunch of searching and found a number of references to invalid JSON and the like and I have indeed validated that our JSON response is valid (using jslint) so I am somewhat stymied.

This is proving very difficult to track down - has anyone else experienced this type of problem and how do I go about tracking down what is causing this.

Thanks in advance.


7 Jul 2010, 7:13 AM
Which Ext version are you using? Older Ext versions sometimes had problems with Ext.onReady in IE when using frames.

7 Jul 2010, 7:15 AM
* Ext JS Library 3.1.1