View Full Version : [OPEN-121] Tab Methods not working

30 Jun 2010, 7:58 PM

I'm trying to disable a tab, but I'm not succeeding. I've tried several ways.

In config (..., disabled: true, ... ) Or with the command setDisabled (true);

Nothing worked;

Other methods like setText also are not working for the tabs!

This bug is known?

Bruno Maia.

1 Jul 2010, 11:36 AM
Verified. Thanks!

8 Sep 2010, 3:50 PM
Individual cards which have been added to the TabPanel will get a new property called tab.

You can set the text of the tab like so:

myCard.tab.setText('text data');

As of 0.95 you will be able to disable the cards tab like so:


We are looking to bridge these methods to all cards which have been added to a TabPanel so that you can have things like setTitle, disable/enable and they immediately invoke the correct methods on the tab property.